1. 2000

    Invepar is created from the association of OAS and Previ, with LAMSA (Linha Amarela) and CLN (Concessionária Litoral Norte) as the first two concessionaires.

  2. 2009

    Petros and Funcef become shareholders, expanding investment capacity.

    Winning of the auction of CART (Concessionária Auto Raposo Tavares) and acquisition of 100% ownership of MetrôRio.

  3. 2010

    Two new concessions joined the Group: CBN (Concessionária Bahia Norte) and CRT (Concessionária Rio-Teresópolis).

  4. 2011

    Winning bid of CRA (Concessionária Rota do Atlântico), in Pernambuco, by the Invepar-Odebrecht Transport consortium (Public Interest Expression prepared by Invepar).

  5. 2012

    Winning bid of Guarulhos Airport (GRU AIRPORT) and ViaRio (Public Interest Expression¹ prepared by Invepar).

    Signing of the call option agreement of Line 4 of the Rio de Janeiro Subway.

    12 of the 19 new trains of MetrôRio are already operational.

  6. 2013

    Start-up of all the 19 new trains of MetrôRio in March.

    Victory in the LRT system auction in Rio de Janeiro, the first light rail transit system in Brazil, in April.

    Invepar wins the concession Via 040 toll road system, with a total extension of 936.8 km, in December.

    GRU Airport inaugurates a 2,644-space parking deck, a new Data Center and Control Center (GCC) and the Lima Apron with 13 new positions, as well as expanding Passenger Terminal 2 by 6,000 m2.

  7. 2014

    CRA begins operations on January 4.

    Opening of GRU AIRPORT Terminal 3 in May, with initial annual capacity of 12 million passengers.

  8. 2016

    Sales of LAMSAC and PEX Peru with the objective of increasing the capacity of investments in infrastructure in Brazil.

  9. 2017

    Rebid request of Via040 concession, pursuant to law No.13.448/2017.

    Pre-payment of R$ 460 million related to GRU Airport fixed concession fee.

  10. 2018

    Invepar received the Business Ethics Award.

  11. 2019

    Invepar signs SPA for CART’s sale.

    Invepar received the Business Ethics Award for the 2nd year.

    Via 040 protocols the complement of the rebid request.

  12. 2020

    Invepar concludes the sale of CART and announces the sale of CRA and CBN.

    Via 040 rebid request is qualified for the Federal Government’s Investment Partnership Program – PPI.

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