Invepar’s Communication and Sustainability Department establishes the action guidelines for the group’s social and environmental investments, which primarily are focused on:

Support for the development of responsible and sustainable management initiatives and processes for the group’s companies and improvement of the locales and communities impacted by its business operations.

Within the companies, this management is the responsibility of the Sustainability areas, which constitute the network’s focal points.

Three times a year, Invepar and the focal points gather in working meetings designed to foster strategic alignments, the exchange of good practices, action planning, project evaluation and capacity building activities.

Invepar adopted the Ethos Indicators for Sustainable and Responsible Businesses as the tool for diagnosing management practices in the group’s companies. The self-assessment process is biannual and results in the preparation of Continuous Improvement Plans, subsequently implemented by the companies’ Internal Sustainability Committees. Several functional areas participate in the Committees. The action plans are monitored through a control item in the model used to manage Invepar’s results.

Since 2010, Invepar and the Invepar Institute have been signatories to the United Nations Global Compact, which prescribes the adoption of ten principles in the fields of human rights, labor relations, the environment and the fight against corruption.

In 2015, the Invepar Sustainability Policy was established with the objective of developing sustainable and responsible management of its concessions. The new policy guidelines allow Invepar to become increasingly prepared to manage risks in its operations, meet the increasing demands of shareholders and investors in environmental, social and governance issues, manage society’s pressures on social and environmental issues, identify business and innovation opportunities and, finally, broaden the company’s reputation and appreciation with its stakeholders.

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