The Invepar Group uses good Corporate Governance practices to establish control and procedure standardization criteria at Invepar companies, thereby reducing the risk of fraud, abuse of power or conflict of interest in the organization.


Invepar is registered as a publicly held company since 2000, being classified as Category A since CVM Instruction 480 became effective. Its corporate structure includes four Board of Directors advisory committees: Financial and Investments, Audit, Works, HR & Governance. The positions of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors are not held by the same person, leading to greater independence and bringing more professionalism to management. Invepar also has a permanent Fiscal Council.


A member the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (“IBGC”), Invepar aligns its activities and decision-making processes with the best corporate governance practices, establishing a relationship of trust with all the Company’s stakeholders and contributing to its sustainability.


On 2016, Invepar and its companies, adhered to the Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption, an initiative from the Ethos Institute of Businesses and Social Responsibility with more than 400 signatory companies wich aim to promoting a more integrated and ethical market and disseminate this attitude among their stakeholders.
Over the past few years, Invepar has implemented processes, adopted management tools and adhered to market compliance practices, in order to constantly improve its governance standards. The signature reinforces this commitment with the stakeholders for a more ethical society.
The Ethos Institute of Businesses and Social Responsibility is an organization of the Civil Society Organization in the Public Interest (OSCIP) which acts as an organization center for knowledge, exchange of experiences and development of tools for helping companies to analyze their management practices and to deepen its commitment with social responsibility and sustainable development.
Invepar and its controlled companies are already signatories of the Global Pact, a United Nation’s initiative, which promotes ten principles, being the 10th related to the Fight against Corruption.

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