Governance, corporate structure and good practices:

• What is the corporate structure of Invepar?

Invepar has 4 controlling shareholders and 8 controlled companies and joint ventures.

• How many shares has Invepar issued?

Invepar has issued 429,171,372 shares divided into 143,057,124 common shares and 286,114,248 preferred shares.

• What is the management structure of Invepar?

The management structure of Invepar is composed of: I) Board of Directors, with 1 President, 7 titular members and 8 alternate members; II) Fiscal Council, with 4 permanent members and 4 alternate members; III) Executive Board of Directors, with 1 President and 5 Vice-Presidents; and IV) Advisory committees to the Board of Directors on financial and investment issues, construction, human resources and governance, and audit.

• Does Invepar publish a sustainability report according to international standards?

Yes. The Invepar Annual and Sustainability report is prepared in accordance with the GRI methodology (Global Reporting Initiative).

Investor Service:

• Can investors negotiate directly with the company the debentures issued by Invepar and Invepar’s concessions?

No. Investors should contact an authorized financial institution to negotiate the debentures issued by the company and the group’s companies.


• What is a concession?

A concession is a permission granted by the Government to another entity, usually private, to use or explore a certain public service.

• In which sectors does Invepar operate?

Invepar operates in the sectors of toll roads, urban mobility and airports.

• How many concessions does Invepar have? What are they?

Invepar has 6 concessions in total. The toll road sector consists of LAMSA, ViaRio, CLN and Via 040. The urban mobility consists of VLT. In airports, Invepar manages the GRU Airport.

• Who are Invepar concessions’ grant authorities and when do the concessions end?

• What is the extension of each concessionaire’s toll road?

• How many toll gates are on the roads of the Invepar group?

There are 17 toll gates on the toll roads.

• How many cargo and passenger terminals does Gru Airport have?

GRU Airport has 3 passenger terminals and 1 cargo terminal.

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